mandag 17. oktober 2016

Wanted. Parts for my 1954 Porsche 356

Want to trade parts for my 1954 Porsche 356.

This is some of what i need.

Speedometer. Km/h
Tempgauge or repair of mine. (missing capilar tube)
Left rear side window
Doorhandles. (outside)
Horn relay
Light switch
Hood handle
Glass for shinedown light
Front seats
3 wheels

Have some stuff to trade with and will put them here.
If you have something to trade with contact me at:  kent.hogseth (a)
Live in Norway, but have adress in US and Sweden..
Bigger items can be delivered Skellefteå Sweden.

Battery box heater

48/49 NOS

BD pre 53 deluxe list



Barndoor? NOS

KDF. (Glas blasted.)

Notek switch

28/29 Auburn

WW2 German Bosch

German 2cm Flak 

 Roof from a 49. Really nice cond.

More to come..

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